1. Ready to pursue a website? Send an email to set up an initial phone meeting.

Our initial conversation will be an introduction to each other. At this point, I am happy to answer any of your preliminary questions and also tell you more about how I work. If we both feel comfortable with continuing, we’ll schedule a starting date and sign a website agreement.

2. Web Planning Questionnaire.

This questionnaire is a great tool, consisting of a series of questions that will assist you in identifying your goals and and vision for your website. Your answers and information will be a springboard for further discussion which will help us determine your overall objectives. This questionnaire will help us focus on the general feeling that you want portrayed on your website via colors, photo images and content. We'll look at your site “holistically,” meaning text, images and design, and come up with creative solutions that will meet your specific goals.

3. In-Depth Discussion of your Business and Website Objectives

First off, I spend a great deal of time listening to you and learning about your area of expertise. I want to know what motivates, impassions and inspires you most about your business so that we can convey that excitement on your site. This information is crucial as it will set you apart from others! Based on your answers from this discussion and also from the JT questionnaire, we’ll discuss your objectives and goals for your website and determine the direction we will go.

4. Domain Name and Website Hosting Assistance

If you have not yet established a Domain Name for your site, we will discuss different options and strategies for different names. Resources will be given for you to research names as well. If you need assistance choosing a web-hosting company, that can be provided or we can host your site for you. Both of these items can be done during the development of the website although I’d recommend getting your Domain Name ASAP as you do not want to miss your chance for that “perfect” name and have someone else snatch it!

5. Website Content

I do read and review your completed content and provide suggestions, guidance and feedback for enhancing the experience for your readers and also for Search Engines strategizing. We will also discuss Metatag keywords, descriptions and page titles at this time as well.

6. Design and Construction of the Home Page

Once we have the content completed and navigation determined, we’ll create the initial design for you to review and comment on. Based on your comments, we’ll fine-tune and/or revise the design.

Please note: All the designs will be viewable on JT Online Web Designs server so that you can view them on the Internet.

7. Production of Website

Upon your approval of the initial design, the development and production of the site will proceed with the text formatted and in place. Once the pages are completed, the site will be posted on DV Imagery’s server for your review. Fine tuning will be done if necessary. A final review will be done and a verbal “stamp of approval” is given by you.

8. Your Site Posted on the Internet

Prior to it being viewable to your viewers, it will be tested for compatibility on the major, current browsers. Once all testing is complete, the site “Goes Live!” At this point, final payment is required.

9. Maintenance of your Site

JT Online Web Design will be glad to maintain your site. If you would rather do that yourself, we can provide you with one on one instruction as to the changing of simple text and content. We can recommend a software program to meet your needs.

JT Online Web Design offers a Design Package that makes it affordable for whatever stage you are at in your business and includes the steps mentioned above.

If you have any questions regarding the design process, please call: 520-991-0133 or email.


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